Tolerance is essential in sport management and beyond

I read a very interesting article written for The Daily Evergreen about tolerance and acceptance for people who come from different backgrounds. This is a positive message that I think should be relayed and passed around Washington State and all of Pullman. This message can also be related to sport management at WSU in that it is at the root, the essence of what the program stands for. The sport management program at Washington State University emphasizes diversity and international experience as one of its most important parts. It is hard to argue that any time an individual is discriminated against or treated unfairly based on something they cannot control, it is wrong.                                                 Not only are these situations unfair for the individual who is being treated unfairly, they also reflect on the ethics and moral values of the perpetrator. Tolerance for all individuals, regardless of background, is a value that is emphasized not just in the sport management program but in all departments at Washington State. These values are essential to moving forward and growing in the name of progress, as a sport management program, as a university, and as individual students as well.                                                                   The diversity of the United States is ever growing, meaning these ethical values are more crucial than ever in regards to being a productive member of society. As technology advances and the world becomes one giant cul-de-sac, racial backgrounds and cultures are becoming more melded together into one giant melting pot. Since this is the case, it will be necessary for programs such as the sport management one at Washington State University, to be one step in front of the changes. The sport management program can stay ahead of the curve by emphasizing the importance of diversity, tolerance, and acceptance of all individuals, especially in this society that is becoming increasingly diverse.