This is a picture of my family and me at my grandma’s 80th birthday reunion celebration in Minnesota in August, 2016. From the far left next to me it is my grandma, dad, brother, Nick,  mom, and sister, Katie.

As far as my career aspirations go, I would like to cover the NBA from the perspective of a fan. Since I have returned to Washington State University after graduating in May, 2015, I have been able to write for newspaper The Daily Evergreen. This has been a great experience for my personal growth not only in doing an extracurricular activity that is fulfilling and creative, it also could be related to what I am interested in doing for a career. I have found that I enjoy creative writing, exploring unfamiliar topics and testing previously unchallenged waters. Other than covering the NBA, I would like to write books and for television shows.

As far as my international perspectives go, this section is fairly limited. Although I took four years of Spanish in high school, I have not studied the language since my senior year of high school. The only country outside of the United States that I have visited is Canada, British Columbia specifically, which is not much different from Western Washington. I would like to do many things in my life internationally, however, ranging from travelling to England, France, and Italy. I would love to go on a tour throughout the entire country of Italy, trying different foods and drinks, visiting historical attractions, going to beaches, and witnessing local sporting events.